6 Best Kitchen Robots

Having a food processor multipurpose home provides a conglomerate of advantages that will definitely make your life easier, start taking the strain and win the war on the clock with a noble team in your kitchen. Allow yourself to control your time and your future by taking on multiple tasks at once, without having to spend on individual appliances.

Kitchen assistants can become your best allies as long as you choose those that offer quality and variety of functions, but that's why you shouldn't worry because in this post we take a look at the six best in the market.

#1 Kenwood Kitchen Robot KM285   

lidl cooking robot

The brand Kenwood brings you a modern and economical food processor This clever cooking tool allows you to get the most out of your food, taste delicious dishes, have a balanced diet and literally does it all for you!

You don't have to be a "little Larousse" of the gastronomic art, because it offers you an explicit and detailed manual that describes how to use the pieces that make up the art and what each one is for.

Kenwood KM285 Kitchen robot 900W stainless steel grey plastic

Kenwood KM285 Kitchen robot 900W stainless steel grey plastic



The food processor Kemwood KM285 can be programmed to develop various special functions for the preparation of juices, sauces, mincemeat, creams, and thousands of tasty recipes, with just a little bit of imagination. The multi-purpose equipment includes a mixer for mixing flavors, utensils for kneading and preparing desserts.

Complete the kit with a variety of sticks, spatula, mill and juicer that do everything without you having to invest in time, work and effort! Everything is very easy and convenient to wash in the dishwasher.

It is made in an elegant and solid silver color that transmits elegance, class and will illuminate your kitchen thanks to its resistant stainless steel material. It is a powerful equipment capable of generating 900 watts and works with various levels of speed with cable storage. It requires for its operation a voltage of 230 volts. It can store in its bowl a capacity of 4.3 liters of supplies.

Why choose it?

It is a comprehensive, affordable, multipurpose and professional equipment with which you can undertake any task at the level of gastronomy and haute cuisine. Kemwood KM285 food processor!

It provides the indispensable help to finish your dishes, recipes and banquets on time. It is a decorative implement in the kitchen because of its shiny silver grey, no doubt it attracts attention at first sight because of its dimension 292mm high x 243 mm wide, it can be placed anywhere in the kitchen. The rotating knob is very easy to use, you can move it from one place to another, it only weighs 4.5 Kg. 

The variety of extra accessories, such as food processor, juicer, grinder, spatula, mixing sticks, mixing utensils, 4.3 L bowl, mixer, kneading hook, splash guard, make the Kemwood KM285 food processor in a high performance tool. 900 Watt power is ideal for covering your every demand based on basic mixing, whipping, grinding, chopping and blending functions.

It comes with 5 mixing speeds in an aerodynamic bowl with planetary action to ensure uniform mixing. It is a compact, handy, safe and easy to maintain rig, as its parts are removable and it has a splashproof base. Its pedestal provides balance, without risk of falling in the event of a false move.

#2 Kitchen Robot Cecotec Mambo 8090

cecotec mambo

This model Mambo 8090 multifunctional Cecotec brand is a fabulous creation that not only deals with chopping, mixing and kneading, but also serves to cook in the same stainless steel jug with capacity for 3.3 liters, the boiling basket and in the steamer gradual to two levels to make the most of your time.  

All these additional tools allow you to prepare succulent menus for the whole family, colleagues and guests - nobody will be left out! You can eat healthy and preserve the essential nutrients of the food by cooking it slowly and at low temperature with the "SlowMambo" swinging movement, while turning the Mambo Mix spoon to obtain rich stews or sauces, steamed vegetables, etc.

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Cecotec Kitchen Robot Multifunction Mambo 8090 Capacity 33L MamboMix 30 functions Built-in Scale Stainless Steel Carafe Dishwasher Safe Boiling Basket Recipe

Cecotec Kitchen Robot Multifunction Mambo 8090 Capacity 33L MamboMix 30 functions Built-in Scale Stainless Steel Carafe Dishwasher Safe Boiling Basket Recipe


Buying this product today, you save 137.25 (49%)


It is a great investment that you will not regret in the future, you gain in savings because you will not have to buy a utensil for each task and have to resort to large spaces within the kitchen. With this Cecotec Mambo 8090 food processor you'll have everything in one appliance at a modest price.

It comes with a built-in precision scale to obtain the exact measurement and prepare perfect recipes. Also, it is a very resistant and durable equipment, the jug is made of a stainless steel alloy that whatever you do does not deteriorate easily!

The brand Cecotex guarantees high quality in each of its products, both the parts that make up the equipment and the accessories last over time, the carafe can be easily washed in the dishwasher.

Why choose it?

There are many valid arguments for choosing this kitchen jewel: on Cecotec Mambo 8090 food processor. It is an equipment that speeds up everything concerning the elaboration of varied dishes for which it brings a 10-speed adjustment to zero, and timer according to the degrees of temperature, which can go from 37 °C to 120°C, in a time from 1 second to 12 hours adapted to the type of cooking.

This cooking robot performs 30 different functions, which will help you in all procedures to specify and conquer the most complex recipes of the moment. 1700 W of cooking power, distributed on a 700W motor with double gear and 1000 W heating element, serves a system of heat intelligence from 0 to 10 levels that goes from the softest flame to the most intense according to the cooking needs, from rich steamed vegetables to a tasty Italian pasta.

Food does not burn, nor does it stick to the stainless steel bowl. This model of food processor is high-performance at high and low speed, effective for producing homogeneous mixtures. 

The Mambo robot It provides convenience and takes all the work, you just put everything in the right place and the team does the rest of the work. At the end of each dish your family and friends will be fascinated by the tasty and crunchy stir-fry.

#3 Kitchen Robot IKOHS Multifunction CHEFBOT Touch.

food processor

Cooking with a cooking robot CHEFBOT TOUCH branded IKOHS The best chef you can have at home, a fabulous auto attendant with 23 functions available - a true cooking specialist!

It crushes everything you put in it, cuts it thoroughly, fry it in minutes, keeps the food warm, works at different temperature levels, and also serves to blend, chop, grind, beat and mix the ingredients for exclusive menus, among many other functions.

IKOHS Multifunction Kitchen Robot CHEFBOT Touch 23 Functions 12 Speeds with Turbo WiFi up to 120C Programmable Free BPA Recipes Pre-installed Black White Touch Screen

IKOHS Multifunction Kitchen Robot CHEFBOT Touch 23 Functions 12 Speeds with Turbo WiFi up to 120C Programmable Free BPA Recipes Pre-installed Black White Touch Screen



You need to buy a CHEFBOT TOUCH robot so that you can enjoy every aspect of your cooking, whether it be preparing dishes and desserts that will delight the little ones in the house or keeping the food at the desired temperature.

The kitchen table will not need to be full of household appliances because by buying this advantageous equipment you will have 14 uses in one appliance. The same appliance becomes a practical rice cooker, a coffee grinder, a food chopper, a steamer, a cooking pot, a scale, a grinder, a blender, a mixer, etc.

To exchange the stainless steel blades on  food processor CHEFBOT TOUCH has a state-of-the-art system that makes it quick to exchange the sharp, sturdy blades without having to remove the bowl.

Why choose it?

The  food processor CHEFBOT TOUCH has a robust and innovative design that glimpses the future of intelligent cooking, an unusual and novel way to immerse yourself in the art of cooking without exhaustion, and without having to spend hours preparing the dishes. It fits easily into the kitchen, and you can store it anywhere as it does not take up much space.

It only takes a few moments to have a meal ready on the table with this powerful machine with a capacity of up to 3.5 L, more than enough volume to cook for the whole family. It is not at all complicated to remove dirt or dust from the equipment after use, on the contrary its cleaning is simple and without cumbersome processes.

The various accessories provide all the support you need to prepare creative, healthy and nutritious recipes that you can show off to your friends and family. food processor CHEFBOT TOUCH keeps the tastes and smells fixed to the food.

From the TouchScreen you will have the opportunity to try new dishes after seeing the pre-installed recipes in full color via Wifi, start enjoying the best and most explicit multimedia content to learn the procedures of each culinary work.

When you buy a food processor CHEFBOT TOUCH You contribute silently to the preservation of the environment, none of the utensils and components of this machine contain BPA and other harmful toxic agents. You can wash them in the dishwasher without fear of health risks.

#4 Moulinex i-Companion HF900110 Kitchen Robot  

food robots

The Moulinex i-Companion kitchen robot It brings together all the necessary elements to become the inseparable team in the home. Its multiplicity of functions and complementary utensils will allow you to exploit your creativity to the fullest by creating the best dishes, and why not? a delicious chocolate cake for the family group.

This state-of-the-art tool boasts bulk technology because it works with an intelligent system capable of cooking on a programmed basis, to the point of replacing many other appliances, and favorably resizing the space in your kitchen.

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Moulinex iCompanion HF9001 Bluetooth Cooking Robot 13 programs and 6 accessories capacity 6 persons including chopper blade mixer kneader and steam basket

Moulinex iCompanion HF9001 Bluetooth Cooking Robot 13 programs and 6 accessories capacity 6 persons including chopper blade mixer kneader and steam basket


Buying this product today, you save 105.25 (12%)


Moreover, it comes with 6 special programs to prepare rich sauces, a variety of soups, cooking modes, programs for kneading and for making succulent desserts, thanks to its modern intelligent function, but you can also have your own recipes organized manually.

Moulinex i-Companion replaces a whole uncomfortable kitchen appliance thanks to its variety of attached implements, which in the end can unnecessarily occupy a useful area in the kitchen. But, to achieve gastronomic delicacies you can count on several models of blades, mixer, kneader, grinder, blender, and a steamer.

The intelligent robot allows you to personalize each of the processes involved in the recipe of your favorite dish. It offers the possibility to set the speed in levels, the temperature and the time of cooking destined to your menu. This in order that it is exactly as you have programmed and foreseen it, in a short time you will obtain delicious plates and in the perfect point.

Why choose it?

This fabulous invention for those who are involved in cooking will take you even further into technology. It's a food processor with numerous features, able to connect to Bluetooth from your smartphone.

Motivate yourself and take the first step to program and project each of the movements that the robot must carry out and you will achieve your dream recipe. You will also get a faithful cook, who will carry out all the instructions to the letter. You will have more time to share with your family, because without a doubt you will have someone to do everything for you.

Among the many functions it performs, the following stand out: low flame cooking, frying, mixing, kneading, stirring, sautéing, beating, etc. You do not need to be on top of the equipment controlling that everything goes perfectly. Just by programming and providing all the necessary information of the recipe you will have the best kitchen assistant at your side.

Buy a Moulinex i-Companion robot means having a powerful appliance at home that is worth the price for its high quality, and the ability to manage all the cooking processes for a large family group. A much faster and easier way of cooking than doing it by hand. The bowl has a capacity of 4.5 litres, a size capable of supplying the whole family with portions suitable for up to 6 people.

#5 Taurus Mycook Touch Kitchen Robot

top chef

The MyCook Touch food processor of the famous Taurus brand When switched on, it gives off a series of intelligent functions that adapt to the specific cooking characteristics of each dish you may have in mind.

Taurus brings this time a intelligent food processor that combines technology with the magic of gastronomy. By simply connecting the robot to the mobile device, you can have a novel induction system that makes it one of the most sophisticated and modern models in the world.

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Taurus Mycook One Multifunction Intelligent Kitchen Robot 1600 W 2 litres Plastic and Stainless Steel 10 speeds Grey trim

Taurus Mycook One Multifunction Intelligent Kitchen Robot 1600 W 2 litres Plastic and Stainless Steel 10 speeds Grey trim


Buying this product today, you save 300 (50%)


It incorporates a WiFi connection to its intelligent system to be able to link with the mobile device and once you download the application on your smartphone you can send the chosen recipe, prepare the shopping list and you will immediately know a different way to interact with the kitchen.

It uses all the existing cooking routines and procedures to prepare a variety of traditional and sophisticated dishes in a single machine, with state-of-the-art technology. The MyCook Touch food processor is 100% suitable for cooking through induction technique with just a touch of the screen.

Basic processes that perform various artifacts such as grating cheese, mashing meat, grinding grains, kneading flour, stir-frying vegetables, making broths, pulverizing all foods, cooking to different technologies and determining the exact weight of the food are part of the general functions of this robot design that will leave you with more work and more free time.

Why choose it?

The most delicious, beneficial and balanced dishes can be obtained by cooking with an induction system that heats between 40 and 140 °C, in addition its powerful motor is capable of developing 10 speeds to achieve its functions fully.

The MyCook Touch food processor is the only equipment that operates by induction mode, it transfers the heat through the air, unlike other devices that work with resistors. The fastest way to heat food up to a maximum temperature of 140°C.

Three special functions complement the efficient work of this magnificent kitchen assistant: stir-frying/kneading, weighing and an evolved turbo system that provides greater speed when it is carried out.

It is worthwhile to rely on the robot, without fear of making mistakes, to cover all the culinary tasks with your own style using two different methodologies when you get ready to cook: the system of programmed recipes from where you receive guidance of all the progress of cooking or manually, using your own recipes that will surely be tasty at the end of the work with MyCook Touch.

It has a 7-inch 1024 x 600 px resolution touch screen on which you can monitor and manage all the processes. You can view the functions of interest from the menu, the screen is fully customizable. It has the Quad Core system for greater processing speed when operating.

#6 Kitchen robot Bosch MUM58720   

food processor

The food processor MUM58720 comes with an outstanding 1000-watt motor perfectly designed for a demanding public that requires well-crafted dishes even professionally.

It provides a capacity in its stainless steel bowl of 3.9 liters, totally resistant to water and time. Enough mass to have ready in a short time some showy and tasty cupcakes, cakes, or sweets to share with the family.

Bosch MUM58720 CreationLine Kitchen Robot 1000 W red

Bosch MUM58720 CreationLine Kitchen Robot 1000 W red



 It can be enormously useful for planning children's parties and catering to an entire audience and guests at your next celebration. It develops 7 adjustable speed levels accompanied by a turbo version to guarantee the expected result in the shortest possible time.

With the great variety of implements included in this kitchen robot, it will take you time to choose among all the recipes you have at home, since the device and its practical accessory kit solve the lack of any resource or appliance thanks to its multipurpose condition. You have at your disposal a multi-purpose device that can beat, grate, chop, mix, and knead all in one.

The inside of the bowl is made of stainless steel but the equipment comes in an attractive bright red that will give your kitchen a retro and yet fun look. The stainless steel material prevents the food from sticking to the walls of the bowl. The rods and discs do not take up space, join them with the pastry set to store it comfortably in a specific area of the kitchen.

Why choose it?

If your thing is baking, the capacity of the bowl allows you to add up to one kilogram of dough and other necessary ingredients to complete the recipe of that sweet you like so much. Make any kind of mixture up to 3.9 liters, the mixing accessories or mixing rods of the equipment do not give problems, in a short time the mixture becomes totally homogeneous.

The stainless steel container has a special design that favors the 3D Planetary movement, no more lumps! The equipment was made to guarantee a well-consumed mix. It is a quite simple equipment to use with which you can work with rolls, rich desserts and all the recipes you want.

If you love baking, this is the ideal appliance for making tasty meringues, creams and cakes in many colours and shapes. But you don't have to be an expert in baking and baking to enjoy the benefits of this robot, because just by tending to the mixture and placing the ingredients you will quickly have a delicious dessert without energy costs.

If you dare to buy a Bosch robot The entire set can be contained within the same mixing container, so you no longer have to have additional space to store the implements.


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