Top 6 best Hydraulic Jacks of the year 2020

A really useful tool we use when we are repairing the car is the hydraulic jack. With enough capacity to lift and hold up almost any object, it is indispensable in mechanical work. When acquiring one of these objects, you should always pay attention to certain characteristics, including design, dimensions, load capacity and lifting range.

In the market we can find a lot of variants, all depending on the type of user you focus on. Here, we will focus mainly on the 6 best hydraulic jacks that can be found in amazon, the trusted online store.

What is the best hydraulic jack on the market?

There is different types of hydraulic jacks For example, between them there are two types, those that are really comfortable and those that are strong enough to lift more weight. Both must be stable enough and have the right dimensions to work comfortably.

Choosing the exact model that fits our needs is not easy. There are models with predefined heightsFor this reason we decided to make this top 6 hydraulic jacks for Amazon cars.

#1 Einhell BT HJ 2000

car jack

This amazon hydraulic jack for car allows you to get out of any trouble quickly and easily, plus it's comfortable enough to carry in the trunk anywhere. It may not be suitable for any vehicle, but for its price it is really recommended.

Einhell 2011779 Cat C/Wheels CC-TJ 2000 Maximum load 2000 kg, Red
2 swivel castors with ball bearings; integrated overload safety valve


  • The qualities you must have any hydraulic jack are a sustained lift and a decent force for lifting any amount of weight. This Einhell model is bottle typeThe support facilitates the lifting of up to 2 tons of weight, ideal for small and medium cars.
  • The lifting bar is easily divisible, the minimum height is 18cm and can lift vehicles up to 34.5cm off the ground provided it is kept within the appropriate weight levels.
  • An essential part of any hydraulic jack are the safety features to prevent accidents. The Einhell covers the demands of the more cautious by having a safety valve that ensures extra protection for both the vehicle and you. The main focus of this system is to avoid overloading, as one of them can create extra incidents.
  • Although it may seem silly to look at the design of hydraulic jacks, in reality it is not so silly, because depending on the design of the hydraulic jack, storage or transport is facilitated. As mentioned above, Einhell has given this model a bottle-type design that makes it compact to take almost anywhere.
  • As for the colours, it is you can find in blue and blackThe lift bars are not heavy, so moving them around is not a hassle. Carrying it in the trunk wherever you want is the main differentiation.
Einhell 2011779 Cat CCTJ wheels 2000 Maximum load 2000 kg Red

Einhell 2011779 Cat CCTJ wheels 2000 Maximum load 2000 kg Red



#2 Tuecompra S.L EN11009

hydraulic car jack

It depends on what you need you can choose one model or another.

In this case we recommend this model for its differential characteristics with respect to the previous model presented.

Hydraulic truck jack with 2.5 ton cylinder. Low profile and extra long hydraulic DOUBLE PUMP


  • The The maximum weight it can support is two tons, Lifting is simple, so there will be no problems changing parts in the event of a breakdown or carrying out major mechanical work.
  • In this case you must take into account that the design of this model is a forklift type, this is a classic design much more common than the bottle design. The base has four wheels that will facilitate the movement from one place to another, something essential in the mechanical workshops. You can use it to lift the car up to about 33 cm from the ground, while the minimum lift is only 13 cm. It does not exactly get to be low profile, but, it is useful for those vehicles that are closer to the ground.

Advantages and Disadvantages

  • The price is really low, so it is accessible to all those people who are going to repair their vehicle manually from time to time. This hydraulic jack incorporates a safety system for the release of pressure when the vehicle is lowered, this avoids possible bumps or additional accidents.
  • Among the main advantages of Tuecompra S.L EN11009 is the truck design that incorporates four wheels for easy movement, the staggered lift and finally its safety valve.
  • Among the disadvantages are the need to apply force to the lever to lift the car and a limitation, by its very construction, to domestic work.
25 tonne Hydraulic Truck Jack Low Profile Extra Long Hydraulic DOUBLE PUMP

25 tonne Hydraulic Truck Jack Low Profile Extra Long Hydraulic DOUBLE PUMP



#3 Draper Tools 39225

hydraulic jack

If you want a amazon hydraulic jack Some users directly place it as the best hydraulic jack for quality price, although of course the price itself is somewhat high.

Draper 39225 - Hydraulic Bottle Jack (20 tonnes)
Equipped with an overload protection system; With large stable base and notched saddle


  • If we talk about load capacity, we will see that this model supports a maximum of 20 tons of weight. The Draper Tools 39225 is one of the best hydraulic car jacks on the Amazon, can be used not only for domestic work, but also for professional work with large and heavy vehicles (see agricultural vehicles). The maximum lift is about 44.9 cm high, while the minimum lift is 24.4 cm.
  • Your design is practicalIt is a bottle type tool and, as is well known, this makes it compact so that it can be taken anywhere, either inside a case or in the boot of the car. A tool that ends up being useful both inside and outside the workshop.
  • The manufacturer tells us that this hydraulic jack is of really high qualityThis is ideal for professionals and workshops who are constantly checking and repairing vehicles.
  • The saddle has its own notchesThe base is large and stable, and finally, the model has an anti-overload system and pressure valve that helps to lower the vehicle without bumpingThe only drawback to this model is its slowness. Despite the constant positive feedback from users, many agree that the piston is slow to lift the vehicle and that its weight is high.
Draper 39225 Hydraulic Bottle Jack 20 tons

Draper 39225 Hydraulic Bottle Jack 20 tons



#4 Michelin 92416


As you can see, it is mainly intended for those home users who wish to repair their vehicle sporadically. The specifications indicate an ultra thin roll, on the other hand, its wheels are made of rubber. As an added bonus, we see a small space where some nuts can be stored.


  • Moving from the professional options, to a more homely option, we find Michelin 92416It is a model of forklift whose lifting range varies from 10.5 cm to a maximum of 35 cm and can lift a maximum weight up to 1800 kg or in other words, 1.8 tons.
  • In addition, the handle can be rotated about 360As if that were not enough, despite its design it is really compact, so it can be easily carried in the boot without taking up space for other things.
Michelin 92416 Gato CARRET.HIDRA.2T
Rango de elevación 105 a 350 mm; Diseño funcional; Alta calidad; Muy útil para ti y tu hogar
  • Michelin thought mainly about the transport of this model, as it includes a handle to hold it and carry it more comfortably. This gear is mainly recognized for its car and motorcycle accessories, so some users trust them completely.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • This hydraulic jackIn the positive points we see a high mobility to carry it and accommodate it anywhere easily, in addition to its extras, that is, spaces reserved to put nuts or screws when we are changing a piece and its rubber base for stability.
  • Among the negative points We have a lack of a safety valve to help lower the vehicle gently. This process is done manually so you have to be doubly vigilant. On the other hand, some users point out that this model is somewhat small, which means that to control the lift, you have to kneel or squat.
Michelin 92416 Gato CARRETHIDRA2T

Michelin 92416 Gato CARRETHIDRA2T



#5 Unitec 10008


We go back to the wheelbarrow design to find the Unitec10008 hydraulic jack. It is already conventional to find in this price range the following features: it is prepared to lift a maximum weight of up to two tons, limited to small and medium vehicles of a household nature.

Unitec 10008 Hydraulic Cat 2 T
The lifting height is min. 135 mm and max. 342 mm; the hydraulic jack is TÜV and GS certified.


  • The maximum height in elevation is about 35 cmThe design is ready to be used intensively, so it will be useful in those workshops that receive many small vehicles. Moreover, if you wish, due to its dimensions, you can take it with you wherever you want.
  • The lever is really long and offers good leverage, so the lifting process is not complicated. Mobility is enhanced by a handle and grip that allows for easy loading The wheels are usually somewhat small, that can be a drawback for some users, but still, it's really stable.

Advantages and Disadvantages

  • The price accompanies the whole set, so the price-quality ratio In addition we have a hydraulic pump that will help us to release the pressure by turning it to the left, this will prevent accidents when we are lowering the vehicles from their certain height.
  • Among the positive points we have a suitable and ergonomic lever designed for the comfort of the users. Another feature that benefits the user is its low weight, all the The total weight is 9 kg.This is a sign of the lightness achieved with the steel in which it is made.
  • There are two more or less salient negative points, the low height capacity for some users. That is, those 35cm are usually short if you have a slightly larger vehicle or a vehicle with character that is a little out of town. The second drawbackis the hydraulic release that needs a screwdriver to be used, according to some comments from the user community, this usually gets stuck depending on the situation. Some units have this fault sporadically, but if it is there, it is there.
Unitec 10008 Hydraulic Cat 2 T

Unitec 10008 Hydraulic Cat 2 T



#6 RCA HP218A

hydraulic jacks

This type of hydraulic jack in amazon is something similar to what we have seen before, with a forklift design for easy maneuverability and operation. It is a very robust and stable jack, we start with the load capacity that as usual in these devices can support up to 2 tons of weight.

RAC HP218A 2 Ton Hydraulic Cat in Case
2 ton hydraulic jack; Supplied in a transport case; Designed for most vehicles


  • The maximum lifting range is 34cm As for the minimum lift, everything is restricted to 13cm, more than enough to slide the jack into the car.
  • The price and quality The lever is comfortable and has a rubber head to prevent slipping. The design stipulates sporadic use, which is reflected even in the packaging of the product when it arrives.
  • Mobility is more than enough in this RCA hydraulic jackIt's compact, so you can take it in the car wherever you need it and it weighs very little to carry. design negative is that the wheels are hard, they are not covered with rubber to avoid unexpected slippage, this will be on the ground, you have to be careful.
  • It has a pressure valveIt should be noted that this jack is for domestic use and is not recommended for professional garages.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • This cat may have among its positive points its good value for moneyThe new system has a high portability and a more than sufficient resistance.
  • A negative point could be the lack of extras and that the user manual comes only in English.
RAC HP218A 2 Ton Hydraulic Cat in Case

RAC HP218A 2 Ton Hydraulic Cat in Case



How should a hydraulic jack be used?

A hydraulic jack is an indispensable tool in the repair of the car both at a professional level and more amateur in your home. It is more than useful so that you can repair sporadic failures on the road or change parts when required.

Keeping a hydraulic jack in the boot is essential whenever we are travelling, especially if it is between cities or over long distances. Now, how should a hydraulic jack be used? Well, after having seen a top 6 hydraulic car jacks from Amazonwe'll just have to read some tips of how they should be used.

Position of the car, something essential

If you want to use the amazon hydraulic jack You must properly consider the details, including the position of the vehicle in the terrain. This can literally keep you safe or lead to an accident.

You must try to position the vehicle on a flat surface, this type of terrain will avoid inappropriate or unexpected movements during the work. Now, once this is done, we will place the steering wheel straight, do not forget to activate the hand brake to avoid displacements.

Positioning of the hydraulic jack

Already placing the car or vehicle in the best possible positionWe have to take into account that there are specific places in the vehicle designed to attach the jack without causing damage to the car.

Already located the point where we are going to use the hydraulic jackwhat we'll do is start the lift properly. Why? Because without doing this we don't check the vehicle failure

We will raise the jack slowly until it makes direct contact with the car, check before continuing to climb, in the models that have safety valveOtherwise, every time you push up, the pressure will be released and the car will return to its original position.

Pay attention to everything when you're by raising the car to the height you wantSome bad movement, pressure point mismatch, or something else could trigger a good accident.

Is it worth taking the hydraulic jack with you?

The answer is yes, we will never know when we might get a puncture or a breakdown, so we need this tool to change the tire or simply check what happened. Which one should I take with me? This will depend on the model you have chosen.

There is hydraulic jacks for cars in amazon The bottle types are more practical to carry around, while the wheelbarrow types are more comfortable to have around the house.

Likewise, moving it will also depend on the hydraulic jack style we have purchasedSome models, such as the wheelbarrow, have wheels, handles, and a handle for easy loading, while the bottle type, despite being more compact, does not have these facilities. As you can see, most things remain at the user's disposal.

What to see before comparing one hydraulic jack to another?

If by any chance you are not convinced by the models presented in this top, you can easily go and buy other models of hydraulic jacks for cars in amazon There are some issues you should always keep in mind when directly comparing one model with another, such as

Capacity and maximum weight supported

This is a fundamental factor, most hydraulic jacks are designed to domestic and semi-professional usersNow, if you want to work with heavy machinery, that's another word.

You are machine tools are designed to support a certain weight, home or casual users, working with cars or small vehicles will be pleased with models that support up to 2 tons of weight. If you are a professional user or that you want to work with other machinery, you will have to choose one that supports more weight than that.

The most recommendable thing is that, before choosing any model of hydraulic jacks for cars in amazon see the approximate weight of the vehicles you will be working with. This way there will be no surprises and there will be more security in the purchase.

Elevation one point to consider

Depending on the and the maximum weight As well as each model supports its own weight, each model will be able to lift the vehicle to a greater or lesser height.

Depending on this you can choose one or the other, for home users, the Most hydraulic jacks lift the car If you are a more professional user or have an SUV, determine that this number is higher on the hydraulic jack you are looking for.

Stability for safety and dimensions for transport

Keep in mind that these tools should be as stable as possible because they will lift really heavy things. The aim of all this is to secureespecially if you work right underneath the car.

The dimensions will be used in particular for make the hydraulic jack comfortable to transportIt's best to choose a compact, sturdy model that combines the best of these two features to make your work more comfortable.

The smaller and more portable the model you have chosen, it means that you can put it in the trunk without taking up too much space. Something very important if we are going to make a long trip, because we never know when a problem will arise. Now, keep in mind something, independently, whether you have chosen a model with wheels or not, this one must be really stable. There are some options, as we have seen, that the wheels are rubberized to make the work safer. These on their side must not be deformed or broken, even if they are supporting a lot of weight

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