Top 6 Portable Electric Lunchbox

One portable electric lunchbox is a truly fabulous creation. How many times has it happened to you that you have to eat your cold foods at work or school? You don't always have a stove or microwave, so the idea of mobile and electric lunch box is not unreasonable.

Nowadays you can get many models of this type of lunch box. They have particular characteristics to be used in specific circumstances. We have set out to show you the 6 best models there are. Know in detail: characteristics, advantages and disadvantages so that you can choose the most suitable for you.

ERAY 2 in 1 electric lunchbox

The ERAY brand is one of the best in the development of lunch boxes. In fact, its creation is our first recommendation. It's one of the best we've ever tried, so we can say that we speak to you with the voice of experience.

It's a machine that at first glance may not look like a portable electric lunchboxalthough it fulfils exactly those functions. You can use it safely, both for the load it stores and for the integrity of the food. ERAY 2 in 1 has everything you could possibly need.


  • First and foremost, the lunch box is made of certified materials. It is made of stainless steel and PP material, a composition that makes it an environmentally responsible alternative. Storing food in it and then eating it will not cause you any problems.
  • The idea of having portable electric lunchboxes is that these allow you to eat hot food at any time. The ERAY PTC heating system is one of the most efficient systems available. Its energy saving system provides us with the required protection. You are also guaranteed to have protection against overheating.
  • But another great advantage of this lunch box is that you can use almost any electrical network. The 2 in 1 refers to the number of sockets it has. The first of these (12V) for use in the vehicle, and the second (220V) for residential installations.
  • You should also know that one of the biggest drawbacks to bringing food is the mixture of aromas and flavors. With the two compartments of ERAY you have the opportunity to store different foods in different compartments. They are quite spacious and both are kept warm.
  • Finally, you have to know that it's the right size. Its measures (23.2×16.5×10.8cm) are ideal for a product that has to be portable. With the purchase, in addition to the lunch box you get a spoon, the car cable, the cable for the electric network and its respective user's manual.
ERAY Fiambrera Eléctrica 24V 12V 220V 3 en 1 para CamiónCocheTrabajo 40W 15L Recipiente Extraíble de Acero Inoxidable Adecuado para CampingOficinaEscuela Color Azul – 2020 Actualizado

ERAY Fiambrera Eléctrica 24V 12V 220V 3 en 1 para CamiónCocheTrabajo 40W 15L Recipiente Extraíble de Acero Inoxidable Adecuado para CampingOficinaEscuela Color Azul – 2020 Actualizado


Advantages y Disadvantages

  • Made of stainless steel for food, material PP
  • Good size and weight less than 1Kg
  • Cold or room temperature food can be heated in 30 minutes
  • Can be charged in the car or on an electric grid
  • Washable
  • It has two compartments
  • It looks really nice
  • Once the lid is closed, it may leak a little


Janiola Electric lunchbox

In the second place of positions we will get Janiola and her lunch box/laptop. A container that, although not expressly designed to be used as a conventional lunch box, can become one of the best allies for lovers of hot food.

It's got everything portable electric lunchbox you may need. But it also has everything a cooking pot could need. A pretty good combination, which you can make at a pretty good price. How does it look? Well, it looks excellent, or at least we think it does.


  • The portable electric lunchbox of Janiola is made with the indicated materials. Since it is in contact with food, it is made of PP stainless steel material that does not contaminate food. But you also have the security of getting a product with a fairly high ecological footprint.
  • The impressive capacity of Janiola's electric lunchboxes should be noted. With very good dimensions (17.5x15x13.5cm) a capacity that is close to one and a half litres and an empty weight of just under 1kg. It is the de facto portable piece that you should carry.
  • The lunchbox has two fresh ones that are needed to heat the food. They are completely washable and also made of materials suitable for food storage. Having these two containers gives you the opportunity to perform various modes of cooking, depending on the food you heat or the preparation you seek to perform.
  • Its power source is the electrical grid where you are. A machine that has a power of 200W, so the cooking of the food is quite fast. It has a transparent lid whose function is to keep inside if the heat that is produced for heating.
  • With the purchase of the portable electric lunchbox that Janiola offers you you will also get 1 adapter for the electric grid, a measuring cup and the stainless steel containers for heating. If it could be used in the car it would be simply perfect, since it has almost everything.
Janolia Electric Lunch Box 40W Portable Lunch Box for Children and Adults Food and Fruit Preservation Food Category Materials

Janolia Electric Lunch Box 40W Portable Lunch Box for Children and Adults Food and Fruit Preservation Food Category Materials



Pros - Cons

  • It has a lot of power to heat
  • Made of high quality food grade steel
  • Good capacity and adequate weight
  • Several ways to heat food
  • Steel parts can be easily washed when removed
  • The outer box is strong and secure
  • For residential 220V connections only

Electric car lunchbox Generic Thermo Food

We have achieved this with lunch boxes that are only for residential installations, and some others that also have the possibility of being connected to the car. In this case we present you one that is for exclusive use in cars, a variation that does not make it less impressive.

We were really surprised that a portable electric lunchbox of these characteristics would be so low in price. But that's why you shouldn't think of it as a poor quality machine. It has the features you need to heat your food in a very short time from your car.


  • Of course, the portable electric lunchbox Generic is made and manufactured with stainless steel material pp. You do not have any kind of danger of intoxication, besides having a material that does not contaminate. You can wash it, as long as you remove the container in question.
  • The cold meat has the modern PTC constant heating system. This means that in just under 30 minutes and with a constant temperature you will be able to have your food at the most suitable temperature. The system also ensures safety and a fairly uniform heating of the surfaces.
  • Design is one aspect in which Genérica has stood out over time. The lunchbox has a mesh one that provides you with the ease of transporting food. It also has a powerful handle that has an easy grip and does not get hot when it is in operation.
  • As it is designed for cars, it has a 12V capacity charging cable. It has an operating power of 40W, much more than enough to have a warm or hot meal as you like. 1 liter capacity will be more than enough for you.
  • With a weight of just over 700gr and an acceptable size for a lunch box (23,5x11x17,5cm), Generic gives us a spectacular machine. With the purchase you get a spoon and its respective charging cable in addition to the lunch box. In the car you can also have hot food.
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TRAVELISIMO 2 in 1 Electric Lunchbox for Car, Truck and Work 220V12V Hot Lunch in Minutes Hot Lunchbox Stainless Steel 15L 40W Tupper Portable Electric

TRAVELISIMO 2 in 1 Electric Lunchbox for Car, Truck and Work 220V12V Hot Lunch in Minutes Hot Lunchbox Stainless Steel 15L 40W Tupper Portable Electric


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  • Ideal for those who work driving
  • An innovative and quite practical design
  • Manufactured with very good materials
  • Cleaning is simple enough
  • No leakage
  • Quite low heating time in comparison
  • With sufficient capacity and the right weight
  • The resistance of its exterior may not be as great.

TTMOW Portable electric lunchbox Stainless Steel

The models we saw earlier have the coincidence of having plastic exterior parts. This is not a big problem since they stand up very well to frequent use. Now, do you like the portable electric lunchboxes stainless steel? Here's a good model.

TTMOW presents us with one of the best portable lunchboxes there is. It is very easy to use, as it is a model that is more practical than anything else. It will not give you any kind of problems, while making you enjoy a delicious meal.


  • With the previous models we share the manufacturing materials (stainless steel material PP) so we will not talk much about it. It has a quite conventional design, although not less beautiful or less useful. One of the strongest lunchboxes on the market.
  • As far as its operation is concerned, we have been surprised at how well it works. It's mainly the time/quality ratio. In which you get very hot meals, with a lot of uniformity in a very short time. Its divided heating mode means that at mealtimes you can eat as if you were at home.
  • Not satisfied with having a good size (22x17x11cm) and a not too high weight (0,8Kg), with the portable electric lunchbox of TTMOW you get two compartments. They are really useful when you have several foods and do not want to combine them completely. You can even carry your dessert in the lunchbox.
  • The product has an LED light that indicates when your food is being heated. Power is supplied from the mains, via a cable and a 220V adapter. With enough power (40W) to heat a quantity of food that reaches the maximum.
  • Inside the box, when you make your purchase you will get your cable and adapter, the lunch box and also a spoon so you don't have to carry one from home. Your lunchbox can be washed, the inside with water and the outside with a cleaning towel.
SPICE Yellow Stainless Steel Electric Food Warmer Removable Stainless Steel Lunchbox

SPICE Yellow Stainless Steel Electric Food Warmer Removable Stainless Steel Lunchbox



Pros and Cons

  • Easy to clean inside and out
  • Very resistant to shocks
  • Lots of heating power
  • Plenty of space for food storage
  • Removable parts
  • Long, strong cable, no risk of electrocution
  • It has a steam release system
  • Does not close tightly
  • Not for use in vehicles

Travelisimo 2 in 1 electric lunch box for car/truck

We're back to mixed models. The ones that can be used almost anywhere you want. The portable electric lunchbox from Travelisimo is one of the best portable food warming machines on the market.

It is a highly professional looking product, which works perfectly and surprisingly its price is not too expensive. We believe that if you don't pay a little attention to the Travelisimo lunch box you will miss out on a spectacular offer. A top quality lunch box that is both useful and practical.


  • We won't even talk about the materials anymore (stainless steel material PP). However, what you do need to know about are the connections to the electrical network. You can either use it in a conventional 220V network or in a 12V connection in your private vehicle.
  • It has a not very modern heating system, although it works extraordinarily well. You can get a little uniformity in the heating, although this is counteracted by the fact that no matter what the food is heated very quickly and without problems.
  • The portable electric lunchbox has two compartments, so you don't have to combine the food. In addition, each of these compartments is made up of removable trays that you can easily wash with water and ordinary soap. Practicality is maintained while at the same time combining with the quality of the materials.
  • It's one of the largest capacity lunchboxes you've ever seen. In it you can put a little more than a liter and a half of food content, which heats up quickly (you should move a little to ensure greater uniformity)
  • It weighs about 1 kg, has a suitable size (23x16x11 cm) and a power of 40 W, which works just as well in the car as on the mains. Get your lunch box, car and power cords, a spoon and a detailed instruction manual.
TRAVELISIMO 2 in 1 Electric Lunch Box for Car, Truck and Work 220V12V Hot Lunch Box in Minutes Stainless Steel Hot Lunch Box 1L Portable Electric Tupper A6

TRAVELISIMO 2 in 1 Electric Lunch Box for Car, Truck and Work 220V12V Hot Lunch Box in Minutes Stainless Steel Hot Lunch Box 1L Portable Electric Tupper A6



Advantages y Disadvantages

  • Very fast heating
  • Large storage capacity
  • A lightweight
  • Suitable for mains power and also for connection in the car
  • Two removable, sturdy compartments
  • Lots of power
  • A sober and even elegant style
  • Does not contaminate your food
  • No airtight seal
  • May not heat evenly

Timker electric lunch box 3 in 1

To finish this brief list we have decided to present you with a model of impeccable lunch box. The portable electric lunchbox Timker's has everything that anyone in the world could possibly want. A very efficient heating system that is sure to leave you more than satisfied.

In Timker's product we can find everything that other models have. You don't have to give up any of the functionality of the lunch boxes. You just have to look for the ideal model. If the two-in-one models were already good enough, Timker 3 in 1 will surprise you.


  • As for the food container, it is made of stainless steel PP material. We will tell you at once that with the lunch box you will be able to heat food no matter what the power source is. It can be connected to a 120V electric power line (typical of America) or a common 220V one.
  • That's not all, though. The typical voltages of a conventional truck (24V) or car (12V) are also admitted. If you compare it with similar lunch boxes you will notice that it offers much more than anyone could give you for that price.
  • One of the biggest problems in the portable electric lunchboxes is that they can't be sealed tightly. With Timker this is over, since the model prevents even liquids from coming out of it. We have tested it with 45° inclinations and the promised results have been achieved.
  • It looks quite nice, while much of its exterior is made of ecological and very resistant propylene. But not because of its beauty will be less strong, because it resists quickly the blows that you can give and falls quite high. In addition, its cables are thick and have a low propensity to break.
  • The Timker lunchbox has a power of 40W and quite good dimensions (23,5x11x17,5cm). With the purchase of the lunchbox you get its power cables for both home and car, also a steel spoon and fork and its user's manual.





  • Made with good materials
  • Shock and fall resistant
  • Advanced uniform heating system
  • Large capacity, removable steel tray
  • It's not a lunchbox that's too heavy
  • It's very nice.
  • Heats up at an average speed
  • It has a slightly smaller food storage capacity

Why buy a portable electric lunchbox?

There are foods that are consumed cold, no doubt. However, if this is not planned the experience becomes more than just annoying. Cold food is not pleasant most of the time, and the rest of the time it can even be dangerous to your health.

As a society we have modern tools to quickly heat up food. The problem arises when circumstantially we don't have a microwave oven or stove on hand. Who hasn't had that happen and ended up eating their food cold?

One portable electric lunchbox is a small investment compared to the benefits it provides. It has all the characteristics of a common lunch box, but with the particularity that anywhere we have a connection to the electrical grid we will be able to have hot food.

Eating warm or hot foods is more than a taste. To take care of our health we need to eat at the right temperature. If you're interested in getting rid of your dependence on the microwave oven in the office, or having hot food while handling a portable electric lunchbox is what you need, they're cheap! The one you like best is within your reach.

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