The 6 Best Meat Slicers on the Market

The slicers are part of the group of essential appliances for your food service or restaurant business. These slicers are perfect for handling large pieces of meat, cheese, and various types of deli meats such as sausages and hot dogs.

It is an indispensable machine for cutting and slicing many thick pieces, which would be impossible to handle manually. The cutters of this type have been exclusively designed to make cuts in a fast and safe way, making your work easier.

It is often difficult to choose the right slicer for your business. Like any tool, you probably expect to choose the best quality. However, there are other elements to consider when buying our slicer.

How to choose the right slicer?

To choose the right slicer you must know what you will be using it for. You must define what type of products and in what quantity you are going to cut or slice them. The volume and size of the food, the dimensions of the space where it will be placed, and the frequency of the cuts are factors to take into account.

A geared cutter with great electrical power, it is perfect for cutting thin pieces of meat into strips. A belt driven slicer is suitable for small cuts of meat products in between.

Cutting discs are implements that you should also be aware of. There are smooth discs that are used for foods such as vegetables, legumes, cheeses and common cold cuts. In the case of hard meats such as beef or pork, cutters with serrated discs are the ones indicated.

When assessing these characteristics, you should only choose the slicer that suits your needs. If you want to buy it, right now, do not hesitate to check the 6 best slicers on the market.

#1 Cold Cutter Model RGV 25 Special Edition

  • A slicer must be reliable, efficient, durable and safe. Without a doubt, the RGV 25 model has all the features backed by the prestigious Italian brand RGV of great quality. Made with steel lacquered in an elegant red color giving an elegant finish to your business or kitchen.
  • The slicer model RGV 25 is a professional model that can slice various types of meat, thick meat. However, it can also make precise cuts of cheese and fine sausages such as hams and mortadellas without much effort.
  • Its body and housing are made of the highest quality aluminium. While its smooth cutting disk is made of stainless steel which makes it resistant to wear, corrosion or rust. This allows you to preserve the hygiene of your food, which is very important when working with raw products.
  • Its 140-watt motor makes it an efficient and fast cutter. Its professional design makes it a very safe machine. It has an anti-slip system and four rubber feet that provide great stability when cutting even the largest pieces of meat or cold cuts.
RGV 25 Red special edition slicer

RGV 25 Red special edition slicer



Advantages - Disadvantages of the Cold Cutter Model RGV 25 Special Edition

  • Its lacquered aluminum base gives it durability and resistance for a long time.
  • One of the most important new features of this model is its ventilation system in the engine to avoid any kind of overheating.
  • One of the most remarkable benefits of the RGV 25 Special Edition cutter is that it allows the cutter disc to be removed for cleaning. There is no need to seek professional hands for blade replacement.
  • Resists intensive use for long hours thanks to its power and design.
  • The cutter comes assembled and fully functional from the manufacturer, so you don't have to spend money on consulting to install it.
  • Its weight of 14 kilograms can generate problems in moving or locating in your business.
  • It must be used carefully, as it only has a manual cutting system.

#2 Lusso 195 GL Model RGV Meat Slicer

  • Now we present you with a semi-professional home use model of extraordinary capabilities, perfect for a restaurant or small business. Developed by the renowned Italian brand RGVThe quality of the product is guaranteed. It is a slicer with an ergonomic design, easy to move and capable of perfectly cutting sausages such as ham, salami and sausages.
  • Despite being light and compact it is a really powerful machine. It has a 110-watt motor with a belt drive that allows it to cut and slice no matter how hard and thick it is. As with any domestic cutter, its cutting wheel is essential. The RGV Lusso 195 GL slicer has a professional hardened and ground hard chrome disc with a diameter of 19.5 centimetres.
  • Its cutting regulation system guarantees absolute precision of the cutting. It can reach a maximum thickness of up to 16 millimetres and a minimum of only 2 millimetres. In addition, it has a food pusher that not only makes the cutting process easier but also makes it a totally safe machine.
  • Another striking feature is that it has an anti-slip base that ensures the necessary stability to make your cuts. It's not just about stability, it also has a support shaft that rests on a double bearing minimizing annoying noise when using it.
RGV Lusso 195 GL silver slicer diameter 195 cm

RGV Lusso 195 GL silver slicer diameter 195 cm



Advantages of the Lusso 195 GL RGV slicer

  • It is a highly efficient and safe cutter in all respects. One of the most important is its exclusive RGV ventilation system that prevents overheating.
  • Its highly efficient operation allows you several hours of trouble-free operation.
  • It can be cleaned very easily in all its parts. Another advantage is its design that has no areas where dirt can nest, ensuring the hygiene of your food.
  • It is a very safe model as it avoids direct contact between the fingers and the machine.
  • It is not recommended to use it to cut whole boneless hams and pieces of hard meat, since its power is not enough. To make these cuts you must slice them in two halves beforehand.
  • Despite being a small model, its 11 kilograms of weight make it difficult to locate.
  • It does not make precise cuts in foods such as bread or vegetables due to the high speed of its specific disc for cold cuts, cheeses or meats.

#3 Meat Slicer Model H.Koenig MSX220

  • If you want a professional model with high durability and efficiency, the slicer model H. Koenig is for you. It is a highly reliable machine that provides you with different types of food cuts. This slicer is indicated to start your deli or bakery business in a fast and easy way.
  • It combines power and precision in its cuts for both large pieces of meat and smaller products. Despite its power, this slicer is perfect for both domestic and commercial use. A fundamental aspect of this model is its design and its tray for large ingredients that give you comfort, peace of mind and security, when using it.
  • It has an asynchronous motor of up to 282 rpm, which will have no obstacles to slice even the thickest meat. Another fundamental aspect is its 22-centimetre carbon cutting disc, of the highest quality, which guarantees its durability for a long time. Finally, its sturdy aluminum body allows it to withstand intensive use no matter what products are sliced.
HKoenig MSX220 Cortafiambres Eléctrico Cortafiambres Cuchilla Italiana Profesional Potencia 240W Motor Asíncrono 282 rpm Grosor del Corte 012 mm Tecnología Silenciosa Temporizador Diámetro Cu

HKoenig MSX220 Cortafiambres Eléctrico Cortafiambres Cuchilla Italiana Profesional Potencia 240W Motor Asíncrono 282 rpm Grosor del Corte 012 mm Tecnología Silenciosa Temporizador Diámetro Cu



Advantages of the H.Koenig MSX220 Slicer

  • It allows different types of cutting, since it has an exclusive adjustment system in its disk, providing different speeds and thicknesses.
  • As for noise and vibration, this model has a V-belt, which makes noise and vibration almost imperceptible.
  • Its cut-off wheel is highly resistant to corrosion generated by intensive food cutting.
  • Unlike other cutters, it is not necessary for users to individually sharpen their cut-off wheel, maintaining a premium edge.
  • It has the highest safety indexes avoiding any crash or disengagement at the time of use.
  • It has non-slip feet that make it safer and more efficient.
  • It is a model of high power and speed, so it is recommended for use in expert hands.
  • In spite of its professional characteristics, it is not an industrial slicer and therefore the cutting of excessively large products is not recommended.
  • Its dimensions can be uncomfortable if you have other similar appliances in your business.

#4 Ritter Solo Model Meat Slicer 1

  • In this stand we show you a sophisticated, reliable and very efficient model. It makes it easy to cut light meats, cheeses, vegetables and legumes, perfect for chefs or restaurant owners. The slicer model Ritter Solo 1 stands out for its futuristic and even elegant design.
  • It is a machine with average power, thanks to its 65-watt Eco motor that allows for the saving of 20% of energy. Not only is it a functional machine, but it will also give distinction to your kitchen. This cutter has a shatterproof glass base with a silver-coloured aluminium structure.
  • It has two modes of cutting cold cuts and other foods. Its automatic mode that is activated only by turning on the switch to perform continuous work. If you want to adjust the cuts you can leave the automatic mode and use its removable trolley that allows cuts in different thicknesses.
  • It has a toothed cutting disc with a stainless steel wavy edge, which is also easily removable without the use of tools. If you want to make cuts as thin as a sheet of paper, you can take advantage of the mode up to 20 millimeters thick.
  • This machine is backed by the most advanced German technology on the market. It has the German "Made in Germany" quality certification seal and the VDE/GS approval range, making it one of the safest home appliances of its kind.
Sono ritter slicer 1 electric slicer with ecological motor made in Germany

Sono ritter slicer 1 electric slicer with ecological motor made in Germany



Advantages and Disadvantages of the Ritter Solo Model Cold Cutter 1

  • Easy to clean and disassemble for maintenance. One of the most important elements of this slicer is to preserve your food hygiene.
  • Its 17-centimetre blade allows meat cuts despite its reduced power.
  • Weighing only 4.2 kilograms, it is very comfortable to carry and handle. It is a practically portable cutter, something you will appreciate when starting your business.
  • Totally silent. Being on, it's practically unnoticeable.
  • It is a delicate model that should only be used to cut or slice the indicated products.
  • If the manufacturer's instructions are not followed when the automatic mode is activated, the cut-off wheel may jam, causing the engine to overheat.

#5 Jata Model Meat Slicer

  • Power, speed and efficiency, all in one machine? It is possible with the Jata slicer model. One of the most powerful slicers on the market, perfect for large meat and cold meat marketing and distribution businesses. With a professional design suitable for a wide range of foods.
  • Fully automated, it allows you to cut food safely and reliably. It is a large slicer with a motor that reaches a power of 250 watts. It combines that power with an ultra-sharp hardened stainless steel cutting disc with a diameter of up to 30 centimeters.
  • One of the new features of this model is the incorporation of an automatic sharpener that allows the disc to be sharpened quickly and safely. It has an adjustable cutting system that allows the thickness of the cut to be regulated from a minimum of 1 millimetre to 16 millimetres.
  • The users highlight of this model its ability to cut various types of meat, cold cuts, cheese, turkey breast, chicken, bread, vegetables, large fruits without any problem.
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Jata CF301 Multi-purpose slicer stainless steel cutting area

Jata CF301 Multi-purpose slicer stainless steel cutting area


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Pros and Cons of the Jata Model Meat Slicer

  • It allows you to make precise and efficient cuts very easily, allowing you to speed up the cutting and slicing procedure, bringing great benefits to your business.
  • Its metallic finishes are not only a distinguished element, but also prevent corrosion and wear.
  • This model has an anti-slip groove cutting surface that prevents meat from sticking to the blade of the disc.
  • For this model, safety is extremely important, so its transparent screen allows you to avoid contact of your fingers with the cutting disc.
  • Another element that differentiates the Ahmon slicer model is your active pusher for a stable fixation of meat or cold meat. It also incorporates an easy-to-use handle for effortless cutting of meat.
  • Its weight of almost 26 kilograms makes it very difficult to move.
  • It has a huge energy consumption due to its characteristics.
  • Complicated handling that may require advice or specialization.

#6 vSlicer Model Rock'ncut twin

If you want a slicer for exclusively domestic use to facilitate some activities in your kitchen, this model is perfect. This slicer has two discs covered with RockStone ceramic coating with an ecological non-stick system.

The main smooth cutting disc is suitable for cold cuts, sausages and cheeses. While the secondary disc is perfect for cutting bread in various thicknesses. It is an easy to use and high performance machine for fine cuts that will allow you to make a large number of dishes. Thanks to its gradual adjustment system that allows cuts from 1 to 15 millimeters.

Its 180-watt motor gives you perfect results for quick slicing of slices and regular speed adjustment of the cuts. In addition to its power, this slicer features HardGear System technology of gear systems to take full advantage of the engine's power.

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Rock'nCut Twin 180W Cecotec Cold Cutter with 2 Interchangeable Disks for Cutting Cold Meats or Bread RockStone Non-Sticking Covering and Precision Thickness up to 15 mm

Rock'nCut Twin 180W Cecotec Cold Cutter with 2 Interchangeable Disks for Cutting Cold Meats or Bread RockStone Non-Sticking Covering and Precision Thickness up to 15 mm


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Advantages and disadvantages of the Rock'ncut twin model slicer

  • One of the greatest benefits of the slicer model Rock'ncut twin is stability. It has four suction cups that provide great firmness when using it.
  • Its on/off button is a real novelty for slicing control.
  • Both cut-off wheels allow you to cut smoothly and precisely quickly and efficiently.
  • Its cutting discs have quickout technology that allows easy and fast removal for cleaning and maintenance.
  • It is a machine with small dimensions no bigger than a microwave, which makes it very comfortable and easy to move.
  • This model works best on roasted foods such as ham. In raw meat, it can get stuck.
  • You can't use both disks simultaneously so the process is a little slower.
  • It is made of a plastic and aluminum alloy that makes it vulnerable to shocks and other effects.

Prices of the 6 Best Meat Slicers on the Market

Certainly, buying a slicer is a major investment. The slicers exhibited here are at the forefront of the quality/price ratio that will surely bring great benefits to your business, restaurant or even your own home. They are a real bargain if you know which slicer suits your needs.

For example, if you want to buy a semi-professional slicer that doesn't take up much space in the slicer model Ritter Solo 1 is for you. Best of all, you can buy it for as little as $80 on average, very competitive for a model of its characteristics.

But, if you want to surprise your family with different dishes, you can buy a slicer like the Rock'ncut twin is the perfect choice. This appliance can be yours for as little as £60, really an offer you can't refuse.

When you start your business you will need a reliable, professional and powerful slicer that allows you to slice large pieces of meat or sausages with bone. The slicer model H. Koenig with its power of 282 rpm without a doubt without a marvel and you can acquire it with only £250 to £270. If you want a machine of greater power, that if of great size, with only £320 you can make the Ahmon slicer model.

There is also the option of acquiring a cutter at a practically free price as the RGV cutters in both its model RGV25 Special Edition o RGV Lusso 195 GL you can get them for as little as £200 to £270.

Opinions on the 6 Best Meat Slicers on the Market

Many users have highlighted some of the features of these cutters. Their reviews highlight the quality of their materials, their operation, cutting accuracy and ease of use.

From professional slicers like the Ahmon model The cutting capacity and the speed of the cutting process are outstanding. But, its finishes are also recognized as in the case of the slicer RGV 25 Special Edition which in turn is recognized for its durability.

In the case of domestic cutters, their design, efficiency and practicality are recognized. In the case of the cutters Rock'ncut twin Ritter Solo 1 model are also recognized for bringing elegance and distinction to the spaces where they are placed. Likewise, they are recognized because they facilitate the elaboration of varied and delicious dishes.

The critical opinions are related to problems of use or not choosing the right type of slicer. Other criticisms have to do with the difficulty in assembling them and the need for advice. While in the case of semi-professional slicers such as the ModelH. Koenig is their inability to make cuts in very thick meat or bone-in breasts.

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