Top 6 Manual Juicers

To buy a hand juicer, you need to know a good range of the most wanted ones. Depending on the use you give it, you should look for the features that suit you best.

Keep in mind multiple points (quality, usage, among others), for when you choose. In this top 6 Amazon hand juicerIf you're not sure which one to choose, there will be so much variety to choose from, until you find the one that's right for you.

#1 Kaimano Juicer


Being the ideal juicer for juice oranges or pomegranatesIn case you want to squeeze citrus fruits, you can do it at the counter with this manual juicer. This machine has a non-slip mat for its use, which can be easily removed (as well as its use).

When it comes to cleaning it, it will not be a complicated task, having a perfectly dismountable system. Kaimano's Grain Squeezer (taking up position #1 in the top 6 Amazon hand juicerHowever, it also has its functions as a citrus juicer.

Manufacturing material

  • Stainless steel/cast iron
  • The handle is painted
  • The machine feet are made of hard rubber
  • Holds a base with two suction cups (in order to offer more real stability)
  • Its dimensions are 24 x 17.5 x 3.3 cm. The height is 39, and the maximum height is 80 cm
  • The leverage that forms it is elevated
eva Collection 041811 Unique red stainless steel citrus juicer

eva Collection 041811 Unique red stainless steel citrus juicer



#2 Manual Juicer Eva Collection

orange squeezer

Ideal for any type of citrus fruit, you can use its metal structure without any problem. Among its parts, the detachable filter stands out, making the cleaning task easier.

The non-slip rubber which is prostrate at the base, helps to keep the glasses in a fixed position. The container of the Eva Collection juicerlocated at #2 of the top 6 Amazon hand juicerThe diameter of the tank is estimated to be 11 cm.

Pomegranate Citrus Squeezer 47 cm

Pomegranate Citrus Squeezer 47 cm



#3 Manual Juicer Cilician 203349

lemon squeezer

Thanks to the high quality of this manual juicer offered by Cilio, the juice you obtain will be the maximum from the fruit. In this top 6 Amazon hand juicerYou can use it for various fruits such as:

  • Oranges
  • Grapefruit
  • Files
  • Pomegranates
  • Lemons

You will get the nectar easily and quicklyThe juicer offered by Cilio is a multi-functional product. The main body of the juicer has the zinc foundry (professional and stable).

In some parts, the product has a black, high-gloss lacquer, offering a really elegant look.

Manufacturing material

  • Carry a Long Margoto facilitate and extract more juice (which also provides superior leverage)
  • Your building material is mainly cast aluminumbut it also has an extractor for stainless steel and funnel
  • The legs are made of rubber, to support the base and provide guaranteed stability
  • Product dimensions are 7″ x 13″ x 19″ high
  • Its weight is 19.5 pounds
  • Parts that can be disassembled can be cleaned in the dishwasher
  • The hopper and the press comma are manufactured in stainless steel for a longer life
Cilio 203349 Pomegranate Squeezer

Cilio 203349 Pomegranate Squeezer



#4 Manual Juicer Lumaland

juice extractor

A steel juicer, easy to use and of unquestionable quality: the product offered by LumalandThe robust device, for use with citrus fruits such as oranges, weighs 6.5 kgHowever, it is as easy to use as it looks with the accompanying lever.

If you want to use it, it is a professional juicer. Among so many juicers, a hand juicer will always be an attractive alternative with the speed, silence and ease of cleaning that characterizes it. In this top 6 Amazon hand juicerThere is a variety for every need.

Manufacturing material

  • Made of steel or cast iron
  • Includes anti-slip parts for safe use
  • Rubber feet for extra support
  • During use, it has legs to provide additional support (prevents slipping or accidents)
Lumaland Professional Citrus Juicer Hand Juicer

Lumaland Professional Citrus Juicer Hand Juicer



With the Lumaland juicer, you have guaranteed 20% more juice Because of the lever design imposed on the product, it is easier to remove everything manually and without much effort.

Compared to a conventional juicer, the fruit still has some juice left in it (which means apply other substances to the juice, such as sugar or waterThe idea of using this machine is to get the most out of the fruit, while having a natural flavor.

One piece durable and maintenance-freeThe cone shape of the product allows for better extraction without effort. You will not have to use a motor or energy, and will not produce any noise.

#5 Manual Juicer Relaxdays

hand orange squeezer

Without the need for electricity, the Relaxdays manual juicer Made of stainless steel, the lever that makes it work as an excellent kitchen element.

By having the Relaxdays machine, indicated in this top 6 Amazon hand juicerIf you have the right to prepare a lot of different juices without seeds, you can do it.

How to use it?

You should split any fruit you are about to use in half (the skin should be facing upwards, with the lever). juice should fall freely into the container you haveThe juicer allows you to extract any juice from any citrus fruit, for the destination you want to give it.

With the included lever, this is no problem. However, it is always important to keep a container under the hand juicer, where the juice will have a depositThrough the holes in the juicer, the juice from the fruit just comes out. The rubber feet that make up the juicer do not scratch the surface where they are, but support their weight and remain fixed.


  • It is a simple product to clean
  • Made of stainless steel, and cast iron foot (in addition to the hammer effect)
  • Dimensions of 40 x 18 x 21.5 cm, and a weight of 6 kg
  • It has rubber feet on its base, for greater non-slip safety during use
  • Usually seen in the colors black and silver
  • Thanks to its design, you can get the juice without trying seeds
Relaxdays Juicer Manual XL with Lever Stainless Steel Silver 40 X 18 X 215 cm

Relaxdays Juicer Manual XL with Lever Stainless Steel Silver 40 X 18 X 215 cm



#6 Juicer Uzman-Versand

orange squeezer

The Manual juicer offered by Uzman-Versand for this top 6 Amazon hand juicerThis professional squeezer is capable of juicing any fruit without any problem. 

The juicer offered by Uzman-Versand, has a weight of 5 kg (which, although it is heavy, is quite simple to use).

Manufacturing material

  • Physically, it is a robust machine (also heavy)
  • Made of cast iron
  • In particular, it has stability
  • It has rubber feet to provide an extra hand of stability and support
  • The leverage it provides removes the juice from any fruit in its entirety
  • Because of its design, the Easy and effortless extraction
  • No maintenance required
  • Does not use a current or motor
  • Its use is soundproof
Professional Fruit Juicer High Quality Hand Juicer Manual Juicers Pomegranate Oranges Manuel

Professional Fruit Juicer High Quality Hand Juicer Manual Juicers Pomegranate Oranges Manuel



Things to consider when choosing the right hand juicer

Among so many hand squeezer optionsThere are many features to consider, and here we will name a few so that you can learn more about them.

Already, we agree on your product capabilityExtracting vitamins, minerals and other benefits from juice is not easy, and there are other types of juicers, although with more disadvantages than others.

Currently, the hand squeezers are easier to use, the lever mechanism allows the juice to be extracted quickly and without force. top 6 Amazon hand juicerWe show you the ideal machines to obtain natural sumo, without electricity or effort.

Look for the perfect design, until you find it

Made of cast iron and rubber feet for ideal stability, the manual juicer is on the market for you. The lever, and its attachment system, allows a correct operation during its execution, facilitating the extraction of juice in its entirety.

It's quiet because it doesn't have a motor. Depending on the machine you choose, you'll get a more professional one than the previous one (in case you need it to work). However, they're all still so ideal for each other.

Easy to use

To no power or motorThe manual juicer is a real machine based on the planet's savings. Muscle power (which should not be so exaggerated either, thanks to the design) is what drives this product.

The annoying noises provided by an engine or power, and even the extensions for its use make it impossible to use the device anywhere. Top 6 Amazon Manual JuicerThe cleaning is easier, and because it is stainless steel, the parts can be put in the dishwasher without fear.

Locate the best quality product

When you use the leverage added to the design, you make a pressure with your own strength to the fruitThe juice will come out without much effort, giving a 20% more than a conventional juicer.

Your strength is the basis for doing the job (and you won't even have to wear yourself out). You'll get, in the end, a tasty, natural juice, without having to add any extra stuff. You can squeeze oranges, limes, lemons, and so on.

Reliable service is important

Don't forget to buy a warranty. A certain brand of each hand juicer can offer you different benefits with its purchase (additional parts, support, capacity, even the warranty can vary).

Among so many options, you must first evaluate what you want to acquire it forWhether for professional use, a regular consumer or a demanding client, there will always be the right one for everyone.

How do you know which is the best manual squeezer, of all the Amazon options?

Since there are machines for all tastes, the search for the right one is long. From motorized to electric, and traditional (manual) machines are highlighted in the world of juicers.

However, if you think juicing at home (and even, if it was for some trade activity), hand squeezers are more recommended.

  • Hand squeezers are more traditional
  • You avoid annoying noises
  • To use a hand juiceryou're saving energy (by turning it into an eco-friendly machine)
  • The audience sometimes likes to watch the drinks being prepared
  • In case your taste is decorative in the kitchen, hand squeezers are a very good addition
  • No maintenance required
  • Depending on your choice, you can extract up to 20% more juice than an electric one
  • You will find different designs for your taste

Don't take the first one you see

Don't think that the juicer is just any device. Although it looks quite simple, there are a million brands and models in its category. Some, can be more adapted to your needs than others. You should compare, evaluate and consider both your needs and basic taste when choosing.

The most notable differences in use range from storage capacityHowever, there are other details to consider in the choice.

You may look at one and aesthetically it looks like the right one, but once you see the functions or any other feature everything falls out. It's a matter of think through the choiceand not take the first one you see in the box.

Prices you can find

The price of the product varies according to the characteristics it has. Perhaps it is not a motorized object, or a product that works by means of electricity, but its characteristics do count.

Sophistication, performance and design are the things you should think value for money.

For some users, it is more important to product qualityFortunately, there is something for every taste, and at different prices.

Other hand juicer designs

There is another invention of hand juicerSimilar, but not the same. Earlier, the one you probably saw at Grandma's house, carrying a bowl to collect sumo, an object with cracks and shape.

Grandmother's juicer was simply turned by pressing the fruit as tightly as possible against the object. However, the results were not so many. With a hand lever juicerIf you are a woman, it is easier to squeeze, to get more juice and to make a minimum effort.

Design first, function later

If you're one of those people who first wants to match the design, and then look at the features (although not very important), there are options for you too.

You can find different colours of hand squeezersas red, black and even the already known natural silver of manufacture. Being a most vintage option that everything, it fits pretty well with anything in your kitchen.

Greater benefit from the product

By having a hand juicerBy simply placing the fruit and operating the lever with your own strength, you can see a 20% more juice than with other juicers.

However, it depends on the characteristics of yours. There are models where the preparation time and strength are less thanks to the benefits it includes. Be it two cones, or the softer lever, among others.

Head change

In the juicer market, there are different options for needs. As we have shown in this top 6 Amazon hand juicerAfter considering price with quality, you can focus on another type of juicer that you may consider necessary.

The traditional has the same basis for squeezingIn contrast, there are other models capable of adjust the cone to the fruit from which the juice is to be extractedAlso called "head", it can be changed to a large one ideal for grapefruits or oranges, or a smaller one perfect for lemons.

You may not consider this such an attractive idea, because of the annoyance of changing cones every time you want to use the juicer. However, the best thing to do is to keep in mind that when you do, the fruit is used to its fullest, plus you prevent accidents that could occur (like it moving, and you end up capturing the essence of the shell).

Another example is, when you use a lemon head to squeeze the orangeThe idea of a hand juicer is to get the most out of it.

Two heads at once

There is another type of hand squeezersI don't know if this is a unique design, it's just a way to save work by having two heads available.

Between adjustable heads and saving time by having two available, hand juicers are a marvel of variety.

Should I consider a blender?

If you're considering buying a blender or a hand juicer, luckily you took the top 6 Amazon hand juicerAsk yourself if you really need a blender, or is it a hand juicer?

When using a juicer, you will be dealing with citrus fruits. This product is an original kitchen appliance, which most of all looks vintage In case you're looking for a machine that will prepare the best games with pulp, or semi-liquid, you're on the right track.

The blender counts as a more versatile kitchen utensilYou can use fruits with skin, chop them, make them totally liquid, it's something to taste. However, the juicer is both fast and simple and with a final cleaning result more in favor.

If you still don't think that's enough, think that with a juicer, you get 20% more juice than with a blender.

Parts that make up a hand juicer

Without taking into account the great variety of squeezers, we will focus on the hand juicers, especially the hand juicers shown in this top 6 Amazon hand juicerThe main components of the system are the following: - The main components of the system are the following: - The main components of the system are the following: - The main components of the system are the following: - The main components of the system are the following: - The main components of the system are the following: - The main components of the system are the following: - The main components of the system are the following: - The main components of the system are the following: - The main components of the system are the following: - The main components of the system are the following: - The main components of the system are the following: - The main components of the system are the following: - The main components of the system are the following: - The main components of the system are the following: - The main components of the system are the following: - The main components of the system are the following

Actually, one benefit is that it is not a product with a large number of parts, unless you buy those with more variety of use. However, it is still a product as simple to use, as complete.

Among the forms it can have (where, in this case, we talk about those with the lever in which we apply the force), they have the usual components for their proper use.

The vessel

Every hand juicerOf course, it depends on the machine we buy, the amount of juice that the container can hold.

Depending on the size of the glass to be used, you can prepare the juice you want. For those inexperienced or first-time buyers, it is advisable to opt for a container with a capacity of more than 300 MLIf you are in a hurry and cannot consistently empty the container, it is better to save time.

Cone or heads

Being the essence of the juicer, the cone or head is of utmost importance. Basically, if you don't have the cone, it's like not having the lever: you don't do anything. The function of the cone is to offer the final juice when you exert your own force along with the lever.

When you buy a hand juicerIf you use the same head for one or the other, you are not taking advantage of the 100% of the fruit.

Why buy a hand juicer?

If after reading all the features, models, advantages and parts that make up a juicer and you still can't decide, here are the reasons. Yes, in this top 6 Amazon hand juicer you find out everything you need to know.

In the world of juicers there is a range of options, with their advantages and disadvantages. However, there will always be that model that we like best. Consider get a juicerIt's more useful than you think, and it won't take up unnecessary space in your kitchen (no accidents either, if you think about it).

  • You will be able to prepare juice from any fruit more quickly
  • It's a vintage touch for your kitchen
  • Being a hand juicer, it requires no maintenance
  • You make the most of the fruit (from nutrients, and get as much juice as possible)
  • You can use it even if there's no light
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