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Security in our home is always an important element, guarding the most relevant and used places by our family and visitors, can mean tranquility and comfort in our home. That is why one of the most important places, which often takes away from us moments of tension, are the stairs.

For the homes of two floors, the stairs become the most used passages, but we must always take care of how safe they are for all those who use them, for everyone is ideal that when going up or down these, can have a support with which to support or with some instrument that can delimit the security to unexpected moments.

The solution is always at hand, which is why a wooden rail is a perfect ally to ensure integrity and thus provide safety, while becoming a decorative element that, depending on tastes, can make the use of stairs and other spaces distinctive.

The railings made in wood have become very sought after among interior designers and decorators, it is not enough to have a distinguished staircase that leads to the high and intimate part of the home, local, institution or company, it is necessary to glimpse in that path an efficient support, capable of granting us a support for its easy transit.

Why use wooden handrails

Above all, wood has become a widely used material for construction and interior design, in its visual aspect it represents a look at the natural, which joins, our common environments, giving them a decorative view more attractive, different and even with a more intimate and warm air.

The wood banistersThey get a positive point for their texture. A well worked and detailed wood in a good finish, gives to the touch the softness of a resistant and uniform material. From this it is subtracted that the coloration of the same one, grants pleasure and helps us to introduce us in styles that go from the elegantly classic thing, until the modern and contemporary thing. For the lovers of the natural thing these pieces it is an affable and longed for route.

Wood also has a historical charm that reflects fond memories and experiences, the stairs are always in a busy part that evokes thoughts about life, so this element gives a subjective value that is vital depending on the environment of each space. Even though this may be subjective, the wooden handrails give a very good image to the surroundings.

For these reasons we bring you this top. We have selected 6 of the best models that can help you make the perfect design for that important space, so you can consider which one can be adapted to the particular style of each enclosure or building. In this count we detail: general description of each model, their approximate prices, the benefits of each style and the particular characteristics that make each one a distinctive point. Finishing with some suggestions about setting wooden rails as a complement.

#1 UISEBRT Staircase Railings, Wood and Stainless Steel

wood and steel handrail

This beautiful Uisebrt model is perfect for all types of stairs, from outdoor to indoor. It has a 42 cm diameter handrail, very comfortable and easy to hold. Its lengths range from 80 cm to 160 cm. It has 2/3 crossbars and its height is 106 cm. Its aesthetic formal and natural aspect combines with demure and tropical environments.

It contains a stainless steel railing, combined with a good natural wood, identified with a brushed effect finish. Its good material composition also makes it very durable, as it is anti-corrosive and resistant to rust. Its railings are made of stable material so it's rustproof.

What makes it so attractive is that combination of decorative aesthetics and its ability to fit into all environments, and even outdoors it proves its high quality, as it remains resistant to weather and environmental changes. It is highly recommended for medium sized staircases as it gives them a good view and protection at their edges.

The acquisition costs of this presentation are matched according to size. For 80 x 90 cm models the cost is 68.90 euros, for 100 x 90 cm the value is 72.90 euros. Subsequently a presentation of 120 cm is equivalent to 81,90 euros, the 150 cm one oscillates in 89,90 euros and finally the biggest form of 180 cm is stipulated in 94,90 euros. However, the quality is a good investment to acquire them.

Benefits of these railings

  • Aesthetically ideal for both open and indoor environments.
  • High quality due to the certified durability of its materials.
  • Also perfect for: low stairs, balconies and terraces.
  • It is easy to use and install
  • It uses floor screws which, once installed, are no longer visible.

Special features

  • They're one of the railings the cheapest wood products on the market.
  • It is one of the few that retain 2/3 rails, common models come with 2.
  • Stainless steel is part of its structure without detracting from the value of wood.
Uisebrt Staircase banister stainless steel wood grain with 23 crossbars indoor and outdoor banister for staircases balcony parapet

Uisebrt Staircase banister stainless steel wood grain with 23 crossbars indoor and outdoor banister for staircases balcony parapet



#2 Oak Wooden Railing

Oak railing

The strength of a great trunk like the Oak, comes in this model to impregnate with good view and consistency, a piece of art at the disposal of the security of our environments. It has a diameter of 42 mm in its handrail, in turn has an extension of up to 5 m in one piece.

Its quality is indicated by criterion A1, which shows the magnificent consistency of this railing. Its mechanism of holes well ordered and weighed in all its structure, makes that, at the time of installing it, we obtain a pre-drilled piece which facilitates its location and fixation

It is ideal for indoor spaces, especially on long and somewhat inclined stairs, it gives a firm and secure support helping the mobilization with a lot of certainty and confidence. It is manufactured in Germany and contains several presentations, which guide to contemplate an interesting range of options to acquire, the main models are

  • Edelstahl boden: Stainless steel spike, with very elegant light curvature.
  • Edelstahlecke: Stainless steel corner, its corner edge is well detailed
  • Gefast: A straight body with a bevelled end.
  • Halbkugel Gefräst: Its final hemisphere is well-molded in a semi-oval shape
  • Halbrunde Edelstahlkappe: It has a kind of steel cover on its edge.
  • Holzkrümmling: His finished art gives him the appearance of perfectly drawn lines.
  • Leicht Gewölbte Edelstahlkappe: Slightly curved stainless steel cover
  • Radius Gefräst: Has a well-polished radial finish.
  • Schräges Edelstahlendstück: Stainless steel end piece angled at its tip.

The cost of these models is about 197 wooden handrails, some costs may vary for particular presentations, added to the distance or shipping path. Even with all this, it is a very well reasoned purchase since, it equals the quality of the wood and the good combined style of a forged and worked metal in detail and effectiveness.

Benefits of this railing

  • Its oak wood material is very resistant.
  • Its parts are available in long extensions for large purposes.
  • Because of its variety, it is one of the few models that have notable distinction in its forms and finishes A1.
  • It contains metal bases that do not detract from the value of its wooden structure.

Special features

  • It is one of the models on the market that uses oak wood with a good finish and efficiency.
  • Its diameter fits very precisely to the ideal grip.
  • It is one of the few wooden railings that visually combines metal and wood in a good way.
  • Your material is processed with great care and attention to the final quality of the product.
Pasamanos de madera de roble para escaleras pasamanos rectos soporte de acero inoxidable longitud 30 – 500 cm de una pieza por ejemplo longitud 280 cm con 4 soportes rectos extremos = curvatura de madera

Pasamanos de madera de roble para escaleras pasamanos rectos soporte de acero inoxidable longitud 30 – 500 cm de una pieza por ejemplo longitud 280 cm con 4 soportes rectos extremos = curvatura de madera



#3 Staircase wall handrail

Staircase handrail

The wall rails have an important use, especially when using stairs of more than one level, they provide safety and a firm grip that, in cases, allows to go up with more agility and to go down with more firmness. They are beneficial both for children who still struggle between swinging and dizziness, and for adults who require safe support to move around more freely.

These railings combine their firmness with the quality of their materials. They weigh a great deal, which gives them firmness, their grip is good and their finish is good. It has pieces that go from 30 cm to 200 cm, so it can be placed no matter how long the passages are.

The physiognomy of the body of its railings is actually very simple. The appeal comes from the experience of its finish and the natural feeling of having the strength and life of a good solid wood tree trunk at your side. It has a cast iron disc, its angles are adjustable.

The installation is very easy, its fixing system makes it very adjustable and safe. It is perfect because thanks to its firmness, it avoids the shakes that can endanger the integrity of those who walk or transit. It can be installed in staircases, but also in: bathrooms, inclined and sliding corridors in public areas.

Benefits of these railings

  • Its discs for fixing these railings are easy to fix and do not protrude into view.
  • It is one of the few railings that can be adapted to bathrooms.
  • It serves perfectly as a therapeutic support for the disabled.

Special features

  • Some measures can change in relation to reality in their thickness
  • The natural colors can vary, depending on the type of wood.
  • The diversity of each product is not a quality defect, but a natural difference.
  • Its weight varies in some cases, the basic one is 4.54 kg.
Staircase handrail Staircase handrail interior wall passage bar kindergarten villa old people's corridor wooden staircase handrail Size 120cm

Staircase handrail Staircase handrail interior wall passage bar kindergarten villa old people's corridor wooden staircase handrail Size 120cm



#4 Yaad, Wooden Railing

banister made of wood

It is a uniform railing, has a track shape and is made of natural pine, its texture is firm and smooth, well worked and with a very showy finish. It has a very consistent metal base that consistently weighs the entire structure. Its material structure is designed to give good consistency and a pleasant experience to the contact.

You have very comfortable and smooth armrests, safe even for older people. Its thickness is perfectly fixed to hold you quickly and safely. The patterns are very natural and pleasing to the eye. The piece retains an indicated and useful temperature so everything becomes a safe and natural contact experience.

It is suitable for use in corridors or hallways in order to facilitate the mobility of older people because of its firmness, its good grip can also be used by those who suffer from poor mobility due to health problems or disability. Children and pregnant women can also benefit from the firmness of these wooden handrails.

Not only are they good supports for stairs and corridors, but they can also be placed in interiors, corridors and balconies. They can be used as indoor decoration and in outdoor places as sliding supports comprising medium or small stairs. Inside homes, bars, educational institutions, businesses and restaurants.

The complete kit consists of: a shelf, screws, 2 fixed bases, 220 cm railing with 3 bases respectively. Both the handrail and the railing pattern can be used in various interior areas, since its firmness and natural tone can be exploited, which gives it a perfect ornamental value to accompany natural tones and ambient interior locations. Its cost ranges from 41 ? to 105 ?, depending of course on the size needed.

Benefits of Yaad Handrails

  • You have the capacity for multiple uses.
  • It is perfect for indoor use and can be attached in some outdoor locations.
  • All kinds of people can benefit from its firmness and showiness.
  • Even though the actual presentation may vary, the quality of the material is guaranteed.

Special features

  • It presents a quite complete and easy to fix equipment, its original kit has more accessories than other models
  • The versatility of its handrail and the pattern of the rails, allows more than one use.
Yaad Pine Wall Cabinet Kit With Handrail Wooden Handrail Suitable For Indoor Use Ideal For Staircase Pillars

Yaad Pine Wall Cabinet Kit With Handrail Wooden Handrail Suitable For Indoor Use Ideal For Staircase Pillars



#5 ACZZ Wooden Railing

White wood banister

This banister has the capacity to be a wall handrail, its particular characteristic lies in the colouring of the wood, being white it can be very well folded along stairs with light tones, stipulating a clear and radiant colouring of light, projected by these tones.

With respect to its surface is flat and smooth, which leads to a soft and pleasant contact, nothing aggressive to hold. With these railingsThe climb up and down will be a safer and firmer time. If it is a closed wall staircase, this would be the best investment to secure every step. It can be levelled according to conventional height and its installation will not represent any complexity.

Whether it's houses, semi-outdoor areas, stairs, corridors or even elevated hallways, they're perfect. It is made of solid wood and its distance from the wall is only 5 cm, making its incorporation into the structure does not damage the uniformity of each environment. Even with all this, due to the quality of its finishes it can be confronted with varied weights and always obtain the same firmness.

Its light shade is due to the fact that it is made of solid pine wood, which adds to the pleasant experience of using it, as it gives it a natural smell that evokes the forests and the life of a good tree. Each piece is rigorously manufactured and cared for with good detailed finishes.

The variety in sizes is also a way of presentation, there are pieces from 1 to 20 feet, the handrails are 8 cm thick and 3 cm high, it comes with screws and wall brackets. They can be used in: bars, long floors, balconies or gardens, apartments, hotels, bedrooms and companies. They are also perfect for corridors where elderly or disabled people must move, helping them as support.

The basic value of this model is 60 euros per unit, the transport costs always depending on the distance. The shipping path should always be considered, as it is common for some models to be modified. What must be taken into account is that the transfer, temperatures and even the treatment in that shipment can affect and, to any failure will have to leave the product at rest and in this case, elements such as strange slots that occur by the change in climate, disappear without further problems.

Benefits of these railings.

  • It is of great decorative use.
  • Its appearance should not be interpreted as just incidental, as it has great consistency to support up to 200 kg.

Special features

  • The light tone is very particular to this model, the common tones are of semi-dark wood.
  • It is weather resistant
  • They are incredibly attractive in apartments and buildings.
  • They make a difference on garden stairs and porches or stepped entrances.
ACZZ Staircase handrail White 1Ft20Ft handrail Wooden non-slip stairs Stairs Home against wall Interior loft Handrails for the elderly

ACZZ Staircase handrail White 1Ft20Ft handrail Wooden non-slip stairs Stairs Home against wall Interior loft Handrails for the elderly



#6 DIY Wooden staircase

Wooden staircase with handrail

We finish this top with the DIY handrails, its handrails are European style, very stylish and with a detailed finish. They have a wave between classic and modern, supported by a wrought iron base. It contains a series of tight screws for the walls and provides a lot of security when using steps. They are available in sizes ranging from 30 cm to 120 cm in length.

As elements that distinguish it, we find a series of advantages in its surface, it is anti-slip, so the firm and safe grip is guaranteed. It is highly resistant to wear and tear, so it can be seen as a good long-term investment. Its easy installation system makes it very practical to be incorporated into structures. The basic cost of these wooden railsThe price for the basic size of 30 cm is 31 euros, after that, the costs will always depend on each presentation.

Its cut shows a very firm and thick structure, which at sight conveys confidence and support, its visualization leaves no room for doubt about its quality. Like other wooden rails It can be attached not only to staircases but also to corridors, long floors, sloping corridors, garden stairs or passages, buildings, restaurants and bars. Its most interesting property is that it can be attached to bathrooms, without fear of losing quality, its consistency makes it very strong and consistent to moisture and sun exposure.

Benefits of these DIY Handrails

  • Wear resistance
  • Due to its size capacity, it can be perfectly distributed over several sectors.
  • Its safety screw is effective and very versatile for securing areas such as stairs and bathroom stands.

Special features

  • The only one with an anti-slip groove.
  • Its armrest serves as a connector along the stairs.
DIY Staircase Banister Soild Industrial Banister Bracket with 2 Wrought Iron Brackets Internal Banister Kits for Staircase Banister

DIY Staircase Banister Soild Industrial Banister Bracket with 2 Wrought Iron Brackets Internal Banister Kits for Staircase Banister



Secure a wooden handrail on stairs and corridors

Once you have considered with this top 6, the models and styles of wooden railsWe cannot do without some tips to make a good fixation and installation of these. So you must take into account the structure of the models and take care of the proper use of each piece that comes with the original purchase.

  1. A good meter and to measureTo know well the measures and to guess the sizes of the railingsIf you want to install them, you will have to be sure of the size of the spaces where you want them to be installed, whether they are on stairs, corridors or elevated sliding doors. The normal inclination is 33º degrees, from there you can know how long the space is.
  2. Screw: With the bases and screws in hand, you must properly fix each crossbar or support. In the case of bases, you must fix the edges carefully. In the case of supports to be fixed to walls, you must insist on tightening each adjustment point with determination.
  3. Locate the poles: for railings of this type, once the bases have been fixed, each of its components must be inserted and fixed. To do this you must always make sure that they are not moved or loose, as these are then the base, the support of the top rail.
  4. Fixing the upper partThe top handrail: having carried out the previous step with attention and good result, we will be able to place the top handrail or also known as handrail, it details well that the edges are fixed with firmness and thus to avoid that the structure by a bad balance is made to the side.

In the case of having support rails in the form of handrails attached to the walls, the steps are simpler, just make a minimum and deep opening, adjust the bases of the sides and the middle. If necessary, some tool can be used to help fix it more effectively, such as a screwdriver. After all this you should get some wooden rails consistently set to give safety and comfort to that important space.

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